The cones on this necklace search for balance just as we all struggle to find it in our lives. They win us over with their quotidian lightness and natural unpredictability.

Weight: 15 gr*

Length: 56 cm

Material: Ag 925, leather cord

*This piece of jewellery is handmade and unique. It is a true copy of a plant or its part, therefore no two pieces can ever be exactly the same. This results in subtle differences in products, endowing them with the allure of uniqueness. Products vary slightly in shape and size and cannot be expected to be exact replicas of the product featured in the photograph.

Keep your jewellery safe from aggressive cosmetic products as much as possible. Cosmetics such as perfume, soap, lotion, face cream, etc., cause silver to tarnish at a much faster rate. Remove your jewellery prior to washing your hands or showering. Put your jewellery on only after your perfume and lotions are set.

Our skins look and react differently. Some types of skin secrete more acid and salts than others, thus speeding up the tarnishing process.

Remove your jewellery before physical exercise, cleaning, gardening, or any other physical work. Also avoid exposing your jewellery to pool, ocean or fresh water. Silver has a life of its own and it changes through time, oftentimes unpredictably. This is part of its beauty.