About my work

My passion are tiny, precious objects, mostly made of silver or gold. I never thought of myself as designer of jewellery, but rather as a mediator of the beauty I see around me. In most cases, there is nothing to add, my only intervention is to transfer a beautiful piece of nature into jewellery form: to render it permanent and wearable. While it is true that a leaf loses something when cast in precious metal, it gains an important quality which could be described as respect. As I am a painter by profession, my mastery of goldsmith’s craft is far from perfect, which makes my co-workers indispensible. As masters of their craft they offer technical support to my insights.

In most cases, my motto is to stick to discipline and add as little as possible to what nature has already accomplished. Nevertheless I have to admit, I sometimes let  myself take a journey on the mysterious paths of the mind.

With my friend Aleksandra Atanasovski, i run a small jewellery studio called EHO. It is set in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenska street Nr. 17. It is our workshop, gallery and shop and we host interesting fellow colleagues from all over the globe there.